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Time is money and can’t be wasted, we want to know how we can simplify the system to meet your day to day requirements and save you time.

We will start with the employee module and would appreciate your suggestions. Please let us know what you would like improved, changed, added or removed. What will simplify your daily operations?

Please feel free to add links, screenshots or documents

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The employee module includes:

Thank you for your time

ERS Biometrics

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Contact no. 01 0593 0593

Registered ERS SmartScan users logon page.

  • Users can manage ERS SmartScan devices
  • Maintain employee details
  • Set access rules by unit, employee or group
  • Set business rules to allow for exception reporting
  • Setup and maintain the ERS SmartScan website
  • Generate reports and download information

Users accept the standard ERS terms and conditions when logging into the ERS system.

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